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We ARE Offensive! we Will screw with you if you are; black, white, brown, red, green, blue, or any other weird ass color. Also if you are; straight, gay, bi, tri, or any other fucked up sexual orientation. If you are easily offended the x in the upper corner will leave our page. Nothing we say is to be taken literal and is all for the humor of life. We are more than willing to help out anyone and everyone and follow a small town country code. we may love to tease and screw with you but will back you on most anything. the admins of this guild are all close family, blood relation or otherwise. If you wanna stay, put your shit kickin boots on and have some fun and laughs.
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How to get ur craft max fast and cheep, Oct 20, 12 3:00 PM. at the top is a drop down of each profession.

gw2 new trailor, Sep 10, 12 3:38 PM. i think its cool check it out.

A good trait/ build website, Sep 10, 12 5:07 AM. Seems to be a decent place to figure out what to put your traits in and what to spent those skill points on. :)

Hunter Pets, Sep 8, 12 4:44 PM.
I am makeing a forum for hunter pets so if you find a juvenile animals post it on the forum please.

Guild Bank!!!!, Sep 5, 12 5:03 AM.
ON Its 2:02am gp time and i just purchased the guild bank it take 48 hours to build but at least it will be done for the weekend yay and bout fuckin time :)
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